Breast Enhancement Without Surgery

Believe it or not, you can achieve breast enhancement without surgery. Many women are not aware of alternative methods to breast augmentation. However, there are supplements that can take the place of implant surgery. Breast implant surgery comes with risk, as do all surgical procedures. The results are not guaranteed to be perfect, and sometimes implants leak or become lumpy. Not to mention how expensive they are. The good news is that the new supplements on the market are safe and affordable.

One such supplement that allows you to achieve breast enhancement without surgery is Breast Actives. This product combines a variety of herbs and natural ingredients for optimum results. This product is a two part formula that comes with a supplement pill and cream. The cream is massaged into the breasts once daily, and two capsules are swallowed daily. It’s as easy as that to see enlargement results.

Some of the ingredients in the capsule supplements include dong quai, fennel, fenugreek, vitamin E, kelp and more. The cream contains saw palmetto, red clover, septiliftiii and other enlarging and nourishing ingredients. You are getting breast enlargement without surgery that works from both the inside and the outside. For most people, Breast Actives is gentle and well tolerated with no side effects besides a bigger bust.

However, if you are taking any medications ask your doctor before trying breast enhancement without surgery. The reason for this is because some herbs and some prescriptions do not go together. For example, if you take Warfarin (a common blood thinner) you should avoid herbs like dong quai. Your doctor can check for interactions and let you know if there are any. Most of the time, Breast Actives is effective for breast enlargement and does not have detrimental side effects

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